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Robert/Boisen & Like-minded bring the tanks of Syria to Copenhagen for Amnesty International campaign


Danish advertising agency Robert/Boisen & Like-minded has launched a 30-day advertising campaign for Amnesty International. The provocative campaign sees a city bus wrapped in an image of a Syrian tank, drawing awareness to the plight of the country as it is ravaged by the ongoing civil war and the horrors experienced by refugees.

The bus, which follows a route through the city centre, carries the headline “This is everyday life in Aleppo". “In order to put the life of Syrian refugees in perspective to the Danes,” says a video that accompanies the campaign. “We put one of the most horrific symbols of war on the streets of Copenhagen.”

“Everyone has the right to safety—also refugees,” says Claus Juul, legal consultant for Amnesty International in an interview with Adweek “It can be difficult to imagine what it is like to be human in a city, where one daily fears for one’s own and loved ones lives. Therefore, we have brought the everyday life of Aleppo to Copenhagen’s summer cityscape, so we, Danes, have the opportunity to face Syria’s brutal conflict.”