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Breakdown Press announces the fourth edition of Safari Festival with global contributors


Breakdown Press has announced the fourth edition of Safari Festival, an event championing “the new wave of alternative and art comics”. Bringing together a wealth of illustrators and cartoonists from the globe, the festival’s 2017 line up includes Anya Davidson, Charles Forsman and Lane Milburn as special guests.

“This year the festival takes place on 12 August, and (slightly fuelled by Brexit but mainly because the work is so good) we’ve got a lot of European artists, publishers and collectives this year,” says Breakdown Press. Publishers at the event include Decadence Comics, Landfill Editions and Black Hook Press, alongside illustrators Laura Callaghan, Joe Kessler and Wai Wai Pang.

Breakdown Press will also debut new graphic novels at the festival, Showtime by Antoine Cossé, Shaky Kane’s The Good News Bible: The Complete Deadline Strips, and Risograph-printed books Klaus Magazine 3 by Richard Short and Berserker, a comic and writing anthology which examines the relationship between contemporary art and genre narratives.

Alongside Safari’s base at Protein gallery the festival will host three satellite events the week beforehand. Charles Forsman will discuss the upcoming television adaptation of his work (premiering on Netflix in Autumn 2017), at Soho comic book shop Gosh! on 9 August. The following day Breakdown Press will launch Berserker at Lo and Behold Gallery with a live audio visual performances from Dane Sutherland, Joey Holder and Alexander Tucker from Grumbling Fur.

“As always, the festival, and all of its satellite events, will be free to attend,” say Breakdown Press.


Breakdown Press: Safari Festival


Breakdown Press: Safari Festival


Breakdown Press: Safari Festival


Breakdown Press: Safari Festival