Safari Sundays’ Slurpee monogram resembles a “dollop” of slushy

The logo from the NYC branding studio also doubles as an illustrated mascot.

25 July 2023

Slurpee has been going since 1966 and, for much of that time, the brand has favoured a blocky, heavy wordmark. The new iteration, created by branding studio Safari Sundays as part of a brand-wide design overhaul, is similar but features one crucial difference.

The monogram and corresponding custom typeface, Swerve, is inspired by the icy peaks or “liquid-slushy nature” of the Slurpee itself, says Safari Sundays. This means the wordmark has taken on a smoother texture with soft peaks – for all you bakers, that’s one step away from the perfect meringue egg white consistency.

Elsewhere, bold typography has been paired with “refreshing colours”, some of which draw from the Slurpee flavours themselves, like blueberry or cotton candy. The redesign of the famous 7-Eleven products also nods to the traditions of convenience store design through elements like posters and sticker packs.

The goal was to reintroduce the brand to Gen Z consumers “without alienating its fanbase”, Safari Sundays says. To pull in these new customers, Safari Sundays has also introduced a new Slurpee mascot. Styles functions as an extension to the Slurpee monogram – a smiley face and pair of arms and legs pop out from the S, bringing further variety to brand assets. Typographic mascots are becoming an increasingly popular approach in branding this year. Athletics took a similar spin on the kids programme MLS Go, as did Onnff for the clothing company Aicocken.

“We love when opportunities like this come about to give a brand real depth and character – each of us on the team had a chance to inject a bit of their own true weird and wild young selves into the design story,” said Adam Walko, creative director at Safari Sundays. “The result is a world with simply fun truths and endless spaces that can let anyone be themselves.”

GallerySafari Sundays: Slurpee (Copyright © Safari Sundays, 2023)

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Safari Sundays: Slurpee (Copyright © Safari Sundays, 2023)

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