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Sawdust creates new social media-friendly word mark and logo for Wired UK


Sawdust has created a new masthead design and icon for tech publication Wired UK. The designs are used across social media channels, and work alongside, rather than instead of, the incumbent Wired logo.

“We approached our friends at Sawdust as we were looking to run the word ‘Wired’ or a W without necessarily using the logo,” says Wired creative director Andrew Diprose.

“This piece didn’t have to have the same legibility as our masthead does, rather it was to sit as an image in a place where some might run an photo or logo, such as on social media ‘buttons.’ We were looking for the word as an image, with the same modern, clever and aesthetic values as Wired has as a brand.”


Sawdust: Wired UK


Sawdust: Wired UK


Sawdust: Wired UK