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Solange directs new performance piece Metatronia in collaboration with Uniqlo


Solange Knowles: Metatronia

Solange has unveiled her latest video and dance performance piece, Metatronia, at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles on Friday (13 April). The film was commissioned by Uniqlo as part of the retailer’s “Art and Science LifeWear” collection and is styled by clothes from the series. Metatronia forms part of the brand’s new campaign, which is led by the London-based independent advertising network Droga5.

Metatronia is an impressive feat. Solange’s interdisciplinary performance saw the singer-songwriter work on multiple different elements including choreography, sculpture and sound composition. Solange worked closely with choreographers Gerard & Kelly to conceptualise the hypnotic performance executed by dancers and students from California State University. The music was scored by Solange alongside composer John Kirby.

The performance centres around a large-scale white, cubical sculpture that Solange visualised and constructed with designer and architect Griffin Frazen. It serves both as a stage for the dancers as well as an artistic object in its own right. Over the coming months, the sculpture will tour the US and is set to be exhibited at various locations across the country.

Metatronia follows a number of performance art pieces directed and executed by Solange, some of which were on display during last year’s Tate Modern Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power exhibition. The singer was also named the 2018 Harvard Foundation Artist of the Year.

“Metatronia explores the process, and mapping of creation,” Solange says in a statement. “The piece is an exercise on following the intuitive force that guides us, helping us to create space, and silence the mind to create the work. Continuing my practices and interest in exploring the relationship of movement and architecture as a meditation, Metatronia centres around building frequency and creating charge through visual storytelling.”

You can watch Metatronia here.


Solange Knowles: Metatronia


Solange Knowles: Metatronia


Solange Knowles: Metatronia


Solange Knowles: Metatronia