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That huge auction of weird Supreme accessories just netted one collector £200,000


(Via Sotheby’s HK)

Yukio Takahashi is probably in a good mood today. The US-based Supreme megafan finds himself around £200,000 richer after a huge online event overseen by auctioneering giants Sotheby’s.

Yukio’s 1300-strong collection of Supremabilia consisted of the stranger accessories that the American streetwear brand have been enticing deep-pocketed hypebeasts with over the years.

Featuring everything from pinball machines to punching bags via bike chains, baseballs, and bamboo beaded curtain showers, the lot is a testament to Supreme’s ability to coax their legions of uber-dedicated fans into buying pretty much, well…anything.

“The obscurity in Supreme’s accessories is the most exciting part of its product line,” Yukio told Sotheby’s ahead of the sale which ended yesterday, 28 May. “While some things like ashtrays are now predictable, other things like drum sets, porcelain cupids, and Hot Wheels, are not. Since I do not wear branded clothing, Supreme’s accessories was a marriage of my need to collect and my support of a skate brand dear to me.”

Vogue reports that the collector is now enamoured with “Glossier accessories, Mark Gonzales toys, and Redbull cans,” all of which presumably he’ll be able to buy by the tonne.


(Via Sotheby’s HK)