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Ikea’s research lab Space10 opens second outpost in Delhi, India


Space10 Delhi; Photo by Athul Prasad

Founded in November 2015 as an external, not-for-profit think-tank for Ikea, Copenhagen-based research lab Space10 spends its days researching and exploring how we might live in the future, then coming up with unique creative ways to demonstrate these utopian theories. Until now, the space has stayed put and invited international creatives to take up residency on a project basis, alongside short-term pop-ups in New York, London, Shanghai and Nairobi. Now it has announced a second, longer-term space to open in New Delhi, India, to gather an entirely fresh perspective and pool ideas from a burgeoning creative hub.

Situated in Chatarpur’s Dhan Mill Compound, an upcoming area for design studios and creatives, the initiative’s new space will host a public programme of community talks, exhibitions and workshops, looking at subjects like rapid prototyping, digital fabrication, clean energy solutions, open source design and augmented reality. It aims to draw in crowds of local designers, technologists, artists, architects, academics, entrepreneurs and activists under one roof, all with the aim (much like the original Space10) of envisioning a better collective future for our planet. Like the original, the space will also host residencies and collaborate with local and international creators of all types.

“Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation, says Space10 managing director Kaave Pour, “so we want to anchor our research and design process closer to people. We want to invite people in, gain new knowledge and perspectives, and engage forward-thinking partners in exploring, designing and testing sustainable solutions that enable more people to live a better everyday life, wherever they are. We hope SPACE10 Delhi ignites ideas, perspectives and solutions that wouldn’t have been possible anywhere else.”

But why India? Pour explains: “We want to be where the future is. India has a young, educated and tech-savvy population and will soon be the most populated country on Earth with a fifth of the world’s youth living there. India is also one of the most diverse countries on the planet with the fastest growing economy. We therefore consider India extremely inspiring and as the ideal place to learn and explore new sustainable and scalable solutions that can help combat real problems for real people.”

Space10 Delhi opens 22 November 2019 – 15 April 2020 at 100 Feet Rd, Chatarpur’s Dhan Mill Compound, New Delhi, India. Events will be announced on Space10’s online calendar, newsletter and Facebook page.


Space10 Delhi; Photo by Sheena Dabholkar


Space10 Delhi; Photo by Athul Prasad


Space10 Delhi; Photo by Athul Prasad


Space10 Delhi; Photo by Athul Prasad