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Star Wars-themed aeroplanes set for take-off


First there were the Hello Kitty aeroplanes, now Star Wars fans can rejoice: there’s a number of very special planes out there making air travel even more exciting than when you get those little bottles of wine and pretend you’re a giant. Three Star Wars-themed planes will take to the sky this autumn thanks to a partnership between the Walt Disney Company and All Nippon Airways: the R2-D2 Boeing 78-9 Dreamliner jet, the BB-8 Boeing 777-300ER, and the Star Wars logo-decorated plane, with the Dreamliner setting off from Tokyo to Vancouver as the inaugural themed flight. Not only are the planes’ exteriors decorated to delight the sort of people who collect C3PO figurines, but the interiors are too, decked out with Star Wars chairs, cups, and napkins. Naturally, inflight entertainment will be in the form of screenings of the first six Star Wars films. May the force be with you, etc.