River Cousin and Studio Nari join forces for a dreams-driven Snipfeed rebrand

The refresh consists of a metallic logo, glistening illustrations from River Cousin, and an interactive site with clickable typographic moments.

20 September 2022

Snipfeed is a link-in-bio monetisation platform, meaning it allows creators to host content and monetise it with a single click – through tips, subscriptions, bundles, stream events etc. Until recently, its branding was focused largely around the idea of challenging the 9-5 paradigm; though its new refresh, helmed by Studio Nari, is looking wider at dreams and the “infinite possibilities” the platform enables, a recent press release explains. To visualise these themes, the studio has turned to River Cousin, whose surrealist work we recently explored further at It’s Nice That. For the Snipfeed makeover, River’s signature gradient hues appear across a range of sparkling assets.

Taking the idea of limitlessness as a driving concept, Studio Nari utilises cloudy blue skies as a returning theme in the rebrand, also appearing behind the homepage of a new site. These light visuals are paired with colder, metallic interpretations of the idea of “dreams”. For example, the logotype with its “magnet-like structure” alludes “to the idea of manifestation” and “dream-big moments”, the press release explains. This is indicative of how Snipfeed is leaning into certain elements of the modern, online discourse surrounding achievement and dream realisation.


Studio Nari: Snipfeed, illustrations by River Cousin (Copyright © Snipfeed, 2022)

A bright colour palette is then paired with River Cousin’s brand illustrations which appear levitating across the site. The brand logo itself (also floating) features metallic touches and chrome as part of a “textural brand palette”, nodding to Snipfeed’s “monetisation capabilities”, the release states.

If you head to the new Snipfeed website and hover over the logotype, you’ll be met with a typographic switch up, as the magnetic typeface morphs into a molten iteration. “With this rebrand, details were everything,” the release explains. “We aimed to capture a limitless universe, filled with discovery and ambition through empowering our community and showing that we can change the way we understand ‘work’.”

GalleryStudio Nari: Snipfeed, illustrations by River Cousin (Copyright © Snipfeed, 2022)

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Studio Nari: Snipfeed, illustrations by River Cousin (Copyright © Snipfeed, 2022)

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