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Superunion and Hawraf visualise music in Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra’s latest rebrand


The branding agency Superunion and the Brookyln-based interactive design studio Hawraf have joined forces on the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra’s animated, sound-sensitive rebrand. Superunion first rebranded Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra in 2016, which it described as “music made visual.” This involved stripping the logo back to initials, with each letter exemplifying a different aspect of the individual orchestra.

In order to expand on this design, Superunion worked with Hawraf to transform the static identity into an interactive one. The new design, which launched 26 February, animates the existing branding elements, like the logos and glyphs, and transforms them into different movements and shapes that vary according to the music’s frequency and intensity. The animated identity will be projected and on full display as the orchestra warms up before scheduled performances and these patterns of visualised music can then be exported onto tickets, booklets, advertising and merchandise.

The rebrand marks the 45th year of the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra, which is made up of amateurs, semi-professionals and professionals alike.