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Supreme showcases new Mike Kelley collaborations


Supreme/Mike Kelley

Even if they won’t sign an official deal with the pork producing piss-takers at edible agriculture specialists Farmland Foods, US streetwear giants Supreme has always been a brand open to collaboration. From those massive North Face puffer jackets to the outrageous Capone-N-Noreaga material they dropped a few years back, James Jebbia’s motley crew of white-tee wearing cooler-than-thou designers have always had an eye for tactical branded excursions, but even by Supreme standards, their forthcoming AW18 collection collaborator is a strange one.

The collection which hits shops NY, LA, London, and Paris on September 6, will feature a range of hoodies, sweaters, skateboard decks, t-shirts, and jackets emblazoned with the work of much-loved American artist Mike Kelley.

Mike, who passed away back in January 2012, was one of the most significant artists of his generation, and a practitioner whose work with Sonic Youth saw him permeate the consciousness of hundreds of thousands of noise-hungry music lovers across the world. Supreme has used work from Mike’s Reconstructed History series of ink drawings, alongside imagery from his stuffed toy mugshot work Ahh…Youth!.

As with most things Supreme, it’ll likely sell out in seconds, but you’ll doubtlessly see this Kelley-adorned clothes worn on countless awkward gallery dates in months to come.