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Tate allows visitors to taste, touch, smell and hear the works it shows

The new Tate Sensorium project will allow visitors to London’s Tate Britain gallery to engage with its works in a “multi sensory” way, with sound, taste and touch used to highlight different aspects of each painting. The piece is the winner of the Tate’s annual IK Prize, which looks for proposals on how technology can be used to enable people to discover and enjoy art in innovative ways.

Created by London-based studio Flying Object, Tate Sensorium looks to “explore the way the senses interrelate to influence our overall gallery experience” according to the Tate, and will feature four paintings: Francis Bacon, Figure in a Landscape, 1945; David Bomberg, In the Hold c.1913-1914; Richard Hamilton, Interior II 1964 and John Latham, Full Stop 1961. These will be displayed with components such as 3D sound technology, a perfume release system and touchless haptics, to give the sensation of tactility in the works.

Tate Sensorium will be on display at Tate Britain from 26 August – 20 September 2015.


David Bomberg: In the Hold c.1913–4

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