The Communitea Shop returns with its second print fundraiser for the London Chinese Community Centre

This time around, the fundraiser features work from 11 new artists including Joe Taylor, Angela Ho, Holly St Clair, Inari Sirola, Kyuri Shin, Mica Warren and more.

30 July 2021

After the success of its first campaign in May, The Communitea Shop is back at it again with yet another incredible selection of prints made in collaboration with a roster of 11 creatives. In what was initially launched as a fundraiser for the London Chinese Community Centre (LCCC), the collective of 55 artists from Communitea came together to help support the centre, which has been a beacon of the Asian and wider communities since 1980. Through its fundraising art platform, the previous campaign raised a whopping £10,000, with works from artists such as Melissa Kitty Jarram, Charlotte Mei, Wei Prior and more.

This time around – with a campaign running from 22 June through to 12 August this year – Communitea has teamed up with Print Social to create a slightly smaller fundraiser for the LCCC, with 11 new artists contributing T-shirt designs on the recurring theme of tea and their connection with Asian culture. Those involved are Joe Taylor, Angela Ho, Holly St Clair, Inari Sirola, Kyuri Shin, Mica Warren, Scotty Gillespie, Siu Yen Lo, Tim Easley, Yan Rong Wu and Yeye Weller.


The Communitea Shop: Holly St Clair (Copyright © Holly St Clair, 2021)

Angela Ho, for example, has contributed Banana: Yellow On The Outside, Not Quite White On The Inside. In a description of the artwork, she says: “The term ‘banana’ is sometimes used as a derogatory description for humans of Asian heritage who have Western attitudes and behaviours. I’d always thought it was a funny and quirky term instead of belittling. I fit into the space between two cultures having been born in Melbourne, Australia to Chinese parents. I’ve also made Hong Kong my home for the last 12 years. I am a perpetual alien. The pandemic-induced xenophobia towards Chinese people created much discussion here in Hong Kong between myself and my BCC (British-born-Chinese) friends about our experiences of racism when growing up. I hope this tee may help keep the LCCC doors open at this time when support and understanding are so important.”

Holly St Clair has contributed Protect Asian Elders! which looks at how elders are “being disproportionately targeted in racist attacks.” Their piece is designed to “act as a talisman of protection and a loving celebration of those cute group photo formations our grannies adore.” Inari Sirola has created Shiny Bubble, a print about China’s “amazing, mind-melting fashion, kicks attitude and, of course, great tea,” she says; and Joe Taylor has made Together we can all drink tea, an abstract tea set inspired by the “varied forms the tea ritual has taken as it has spread from China throughout the world.”

All profits from T-shirt sales will go towards helping the LCCC continue its work, as well as supporting people from within the Asian community. Head here to find out more about the incredible talent involved.


The Communitea Shop: Inari Sirola (Copyright © Inari Sirola, 2021)


The Communitea Shop: Joe Taylor (Copyright © Joe Taylor, 2021)


The Communitea Shop: Kyuri Shin (Copyright © Kyuri Shin, 2021)


The Communitea Shop: Mica Warren (Copyright © Mica Warren, 2021)


The Communitea Shop: Scotty Gillespie (Copyright © Scotty Gillespie, 2021)


The Communitea Shop: Siuyen Lo (Copyright © Siuyen Lo, 2021)


The Communitea Shop: Tim Easley (Copyright © Tim Easley, 2021)


The Communitea Shop: Yanrong Wu (Copyright © Yanrong Wu, 2021)


The Communitea Shop: Yeye Weller (Copyright © Yeye Weller, 2021)

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The Communitea Shop: Angela Ho (Copyright © Angela Ho, 2021)

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