The Dude and Carrie Bradshaw sip beer for a good cause in Stella Artois’ latest ad campaign

29 January 2019

There are a few things in life that are certifiably good. One is beer. Another is The Big Lebowski. So imagine the sense of jubilation that coursed through the It’s Nice That office as we realised that Jeff Bridges had reprised his 1998 role as The Dude in a new advert for European continental lager, Stella Artois.

In the clip released 28 January, we see The Dude joining Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw for a refreshing pint of beer in the sort of swanky venue where you’re more likely to quaff four-figure bottles of red than reasonably priced draught lager.

The advert, which comes off the back of Bridges trailing the return of his much loved character on social media in recent days (presumably leading some die-hard fans of the Coen brothers slack comedy classic to get their hopes up for a shaggy-dog sequel), is part of Stella’s latest campaign, aimed at transforming lives throughout the world.

“Both [Carrie Bradshaw and the Dude] are changing up their usual drinks of choice for a Stella Artois to help provide water access to people in need,” says Stella Artois. It is part of the beer brand’s relationship with, a charity that uses profits from Stella sales to ensure 1.7 million people in the developing world are offered access to clean water.

You’ll remember, of course, that The Dude had a passion for White Russians, while Carrie was usually seen clutching a Cosmopolitan come Friday night. Neither fit the usual Stella-drinker bill, and that’s the point – the advert’s even titled Change Up the Usual.


Mother NY/Stella Artois: Change Up the Usual


Mother NY/Stella Artois: Change Up the Usual

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