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The Verge shows why the Lexus hoverboard is mostly just smoke and mirrors (and a bit of a scam)

The Verge has revealed insights into the Lexus hoverboard that was unveiled yesterday, showing that while it’s very much a marketing ploy for the car brand, it’s also real. Tracing the history of the hoverboard from its Back to the Future appearance to last year’s Funny Or Die fake that went viral; we eventually see how the new Lexus product actually works on the huge “hoverpark” the brand built in Spain as the set for the ad.

We learn that there are a few snags in this futuristic model – a huge one being that it must run on a specific track for its “super conductors” to function. So no hoverboarding to work for now, then. There are a few other issues, even for pro-skateboarders, so despite its definite realness, there are still a few smoke and mirrors at play. Watch the video to have your boyhood dreams crushed a little bit.


The Verge: Riding the Lexus hoverboard in Spain (still)


The Verge: Riding the Lexus hoverboard in Spain (still)