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The new This Girl Can campaign celebrates our tiny moments of movement


Jogging in your park with a pushchair, dancing in your living room, or even stretching to fix a bra all counts a joyful moments of exercise – that’s the message our the new This Girl Can campaign for Sport England.

The short films sees a host of women getting fit in their own way that fits around this life, and celebrate those little moments of movement in our everyday lives, with the campaign tag, #FitGotReal.

Director Georgi Banks-Davies, says, “The goal was to show the realities and challenges of everyday exercise for real women. My mates know that I box, because it’s ‘cool’, but they have no idea that when I’m away travelling, I do Davina’s 15 min workoutin hotel rooms in my knickers, getting carpet burns on my elbows from planking. That’s my reality. I want the audience to be inspired to celebrate their own reality, and to feel proud of that.”

It’s a warming antidote to an industry that can often guilt-trip us to join gym-mania and instead, aims to offset any guilt with a simple message: all activity counts. And ig that wasn’t warming enough, it’s all set to the the glorious vocal stylings of Queen Barbara Streisand’s Don’t Rain On My Parade. Enjoy it below!