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Times Newer Roman is the typeface that might help you beat page counts with ease


MSCHF: Times Newer Roman

Most people reading this will have experience of writing essays, and anyone who has experience of writing essays also has experience of the unique hell of trying to hit a word count that simply refuses to be hit. There is, it turns out, only so much that hungover 19 year old you has to say about Foucault’s The Birth of the Clinic.

We get the feeling that US internet-experts MSCHF have been there. They’ve faffed about with line spacing and margin cropping, and even converting the whole thing into Comic Sans, just to distract professors from the creakiness of their exploration of Lady Chatterly’s Lover through a Marxist lens. Maybe. Either way, it might just be every lazy student’s new saviour thanks to it latest product.

Times Newer Roman is a typeface which scans to the untrained eye as identical to the OG font big dog, except — cunningly — each letter is indistinguishably 5 to 10% wider across the board. That increased size, they believe, can trick assessors and professors into believing that a page count has been hit.

On a practical note, MSCHF says that “Once downloaded, the typeface will appear in the word processing software of your choice, including Microsoft Word and Apple Pages. As long as a paper can be printed or submitted as a .pdf, .doc or .docx, writers should have no problem using the new font when turning documents in.”

Gabriel Whaley, Founder and CEO of MSCHF doesn’t seem to like the arbitrary nature of word counts. In a press release, he says, “These minimums exemplify the educational system’s tendency to push quantity over quality, something that’s completely at odds with the average professional’s need to express ideas in the fewest words possible (no one is going to read a super long email, for instance). Times Newer Roman is a commentary on the way students actually think. It also creates a system that encourages students to say more with less.”

Try it for yourself — just don’t complain to either MSCHF or us at It’s Nice That if you’re hauled in front of the disciplinary board as a result.


MSCHF: Times Newer Roman


MSCHF: Times Newer Roman


MSCHF: Times Newer Roman


MSCHF: Times Newer Roman