Two Times Elliott’s latest rebrand is inspired by “nuts and bolts” of filmmaking

Dirty Films wanted to show its ability as a full-service content house, so its new identity reflects all the subtle elements that go into film production.

18 October 2023

London design studio Two Times Elliott has completed a refresh for Dirty Films, now A Running Commentary (ARC). The production company has been around since 2015, working on projects for the likes of Heinz and Yusuf / Cat Stevens, with a roster of directors including names like Effie Pappa – whose recent short In-Between is a triumph if you’ve yet to watch!

ARC’s new identity plays with the language of film, specifically the “nuts and bolts” of the industry. Two Times Elliott drew inspiration from multiple points, including editing software, camera interfaces and hands-on gear used on the set.

The frame is an important device here. We saw Porto Rocha pull this concept off nicely last year for its Sundance rebrand, although Two Times Elliott does things differently. While Sundance reflected the dimensions of the silver screen itself, this frame would be more commonly found on film sets. The device is used to draw audiences attention to “what matters” in the brand, says founder James Horwitz – images, credits, etc.

James, who delivered the work with Two Times Elliott designer Connor Fairclough, says typography also “plays a huge role”. Modernist sans serif Grosa Mono was paired with Neue Haas Grotesk (chosen for its legibility). The goal was to use type to support the work, rather than grab attention itself.

“For this project, we looked to balance the technical and the human input into filmmaking,” says James. “On one side, it’s about getting the details right, from the angles to the edits – clarity, perspective, and practicality.” But it was also about the “rollercoaster of emotions a good film can elicit,” he says. “So, we weren’t just inspired by the nitty-gritty of production, but also tuned into the feelings that make us all love the movies.”

GalleryTwo Times Elliott: A Running Commentary (Copyright © Two Times Elliott, 2023)

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Two Times Elliott: A Running Commentary (Copyright © Two Times Elliott, 2023)

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