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Vincent Moon announces new documentary following South Algerian band, Imarhan


Director Vincent Moon announces his latest music focused documentary today on South Algerian band, Imarhan. Titled Children of Tam the documentary saw the independent filmmaker travel to the band’s home of Tamanrasset in January to film the process behind their forthcoming album, Temet.

Vincent Moon’s previous music documentaries have followed bands such as Arcade Fire, R.E.M and The National, and have adopted a consistently serendipitous approach. “I never ever film with an object in mind — it’s more about letting it go and let the object materialise by itself,” he says.

Following the band for two weeks, Children of Tam documents hours of rehearsals, writing and snippets of conversations with the band. All filmed around the city of Tamanrasset, the documentary saw Vincent also travel to neighbouring mountain ranges including Assekrem (translating as ‘World’s End’), where he films an intimate portrait of the band performing at a high plateau in the Hoggar Mountains.

The documentary features little dialogue with the band, but in parts Saddam the band’s leader philosophically speaks of Imarhan’s thoughts on life and their role as ambassadors for their people and being new elders in their community.

Children of Tam will premiere at the Clermont Ferrand Film Festival in February 2018. Ahead of Imarhan’s new album Temet to be released on 28 February, the band have shared the first excerpt from the documentary of a live performance of new song, Tamudre below.