Walkers has rebranded – but we’re not entirely sure we can tell the difference

29 January 2019
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Image via Walkers/Vault49/PepsiCo’s Design & Innovation Team

Our meal deal consumption is through the roof here at It’s Nice That, which means we eat a lot of crisps. Skips, McCoys, Frazzles – open up a bag of baked or fried slithers of potato-like substance and we’ll dive in headfirst. January diets be damned.

So it was with some excitement that we were informed that PepsiCo’s Design & Innovation Team had given the Walkers “core crisps range” a new look in partnership with brand design agency Vault49.

In a statement issued yesterday, 28 January David Marchant, Head of Design, Western Europe, PepsiCo Design & Innovation, states that “Walkers crisps are an irresistible delight, we’re excited to be unveiling a fresh and modern design that reflects the character of this uniquely British favourite. The eye-catching new pack will deepen the already-special relationship Walkers has with a nation of crisp connoisseurs.”

As we’ve established, we love crisps here. We’ve gazed at a packet of prawn cocktail with a look that can only be described “lovingly”. Which is to say, we studied this new Walkers packaging closely and intently, and we’re not entirely sure we can tell the difference.

Blame our poor collective short-term memory, or the contemporary crisis that is a total bombardment of imagery morning, noon and night, but unless you peer very hard at one of the new packets, we’d wager you’re as likely as us to miss the images of Big Ben, a phone box, and parachuting potatoes that have been added next to that evergreen logo of theirs. We managed to miss the “pigeon wearing John Lennon-style sunglasses” somehow and we’re pretty certain we won’t be the only ones.

That said, the refreshed packets will be hitting the shelves of newsagents and supermarkets up and down the land very soon. So you’ll be able to make your own minds up before too long.


Image via Walkers/Vault49/PepsiCo’s Design & Innovation Team


Image via Walkers/Vault49/PepsiCo’s Design & Innovation Team

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