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WeTransfer tell users to “Please Leave” in new short film

How do you stand out as a brand in a world where distraction rules all? Well, if you’re file transfer giants WeTransfer, you try and persuade users to…um….stop using your service. Yep, you did read that right.

The Amsterdam-based platform has just launched a new initiative which aims to get people off the internet and back into the hustle and bustle of that we quaintly still – just about, anyway — think of as ‘the real world’.

To make their message clear – that message basically being “the more time you spend clicking around the internet, amassing unread tabs like a cactus amasses pricks, the less time you’ll probably spend actually getting on with the creative things you need to be doing,” – they’ve launched a new digital platform and an attendant ad campaign, Please Leave.

“When you’re in here,” the new Stink Studios-assisted ad says, “you’re not out there.” When you’re in here, the deep bottomless here of the internet, that is, all you’re doing – so WeTransfers says, anyway – is “inhaling content,” and “exhaling time.”

Now, obviously, they don’t want you to spend all your time out there sniffing flowers and frolicking in babbling brooks and getting weepy-eyed over sunsets; at some point you’ll have to return to your digital reality, where you can covert all that lovely outdoorsy energy into easily shareable and transferable creativity.

Users, safe in the reassuringly warm glow of their laptop, can then utilise WeTransfer’s array of tools to get the most out of your time – “So you can bring ideas to life. And then get back to yours,” as they put it.


WeTransfer: Please Leave (Via WeTransfer)


WeTransfer: Please Leave (Via WeTransfer)


WeTransfer: Please Leave (Via WeTransfer)


WeTransfer: Please Leave (Via WeTransfer)