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Look back on a series of shots from World Photography Day 2018


Sergei Sarakhanov, Apple

Somewhere along the line, the bulk of the population quietly put their little 2MP digital cameras at the back of a drawer somewhere and for the best part of a decade, most of us have been able to take a half-decent photograph on our phone.

Sure, the majority of our collective photo reel is taken up with incredibly blurry shots of what might have been the last steak you had on a summer holiday in Mallorca three summers ago, but the point remains: we’re more photo-literate than ever because the crippling addiction to interconnectivity means most of us spend approximately 17 hours a day in very, very close proximity to a camera.

And that means you probably knew that the Sunday just gone – the 19th August – was World Photography Day. If you forgot, and you’re suddenly gripped in the kind of deep-rooted shame that can only engulf a person who has forgotten an important day they definitely should have remembered, why not cheer yourself up by looking at a selection of images taken on iPhones to celebrate the event, sent over to us by Apple.

Russian snapper Sergei Sarakhanov tells us that shooting Mr Twin Peaks himself, David Lynch, was, “an inspiring experience,” which we can fully imagine being the truth. We also heard from Puerto Rican photographer, Omar Cruz, whose moody street-shot can be seen below. “The photograph was shot in Mexico City, as part of a personal project around the world that I have been working for some time now: I call it Strangers."

Have a browse through an edit of some of the best of World Photography Day 2018’s phone-assisted shots and you might just find yourself bursting at the seams with ideas for how to revolutionise your Instagram grid: man cannot live on grainy images of Lee Evans captioned “MOOD” alone, after all.


Omar Cruz, Apple


Vivian Liu, Apple


Zack Zhang, Apple