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Y&R Russia designs wine bottle displaying the repercussions of irresponsible drinking


Y&R Russia has designed a wine bottle that displays drinking advice as the wine is decanted. The Don’t Reach the Bottom campaign is backed by the biggest Russian wine distributor, Simple Wine. 

The campaign features 1,000 wine bottles decorated with cartoon designs that display the repercussions of irresponsible drinking on glass when the wine is poured. For instance, one bottle features a couple enjoying a drink before their behaviour escalates into a drink driving accident. 

Russia has one of the highest alcohol consumptions levels in the world and the campaign aims to promote responsible drinking at a time of concern. The tone of the campaign differs from previous government-backed alcohol awareness schemes in Russia which have usually used shock tactics. By using a more sociable approach Y&R’s campaign hopes to engage users, rather than agitate them. 

“Russians don’t like to be lectured about drinking,” says Anatoly Korneev, Simple Wines’ vice president. “But this approach aroused people’s interest and provoked them to think without being preachy.”