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Yung Lean releases a “spaghetti western” teaser film for his upcoming record

Swedish artist Yung Lean has released a short film, Stranger, to accompany his hotly anticipated third record of the same name released tomorrow (10 November). Directed by French film duo Suzie and Leo, the film shows the artist in a never-before-seen and sensitive light.

The film premiered in a Facebook live stream yesterday evening and is described as a “dystopian spaghetti western style drama”. The film’s directors were influenced by the films of Japanese director Takeshi Kitano, “a big reference for me and also for Lean so I think that was the starting point of this collaboration,” and Greek mythology for its use of “true violence,” they explain. “Even though it is often suppressed or held back, there is a bit of violence in everyone.”

The old-western setting of the seven minute short is used more as a narrative device as well as a stylistic choice. “This project was quite particular, because the idea was to create a teaser for Lean’s new album, so I tried to find what kind of mood could fit,” explain Suzie and Leo. “The idea of a western came naturally. In a western, you don’t need dialogues, you can play with all the archetypes and make something credible without showing too much.”

Consequently, the film shows a close relationship between the musician and a younger boy, left open-ended to be interpreted by the audience. This relationship is displayed by the film’s tone rather than through dialogue, eventually showing Yung Lean being trailed for unknown reasons and the boy being left alone. “In the end, the mood is definitely a western but I think that the film is actually closer to a satirical comedy. There is this kid who is trying to create a connection with this “demon” without any preconceptions.” Material from Yung Lean’s upcoming record is interspersed throughout the film, both through a soundtrack and performances by the artist.

Stranger’s is the third collaboration between Yung Lean and Suzie and Leo, describing it as their “most accomplished,” they explain. “It has been always been super easy to work with him because is the most artistic person I know and a true friend.”


Suzie and Leo: Stranger


Suzie and Leo: Stranger


Suzie and Leo: Stranger


Suzie and Leo: Stranger


Suzie and Leo: Stranger