Anya joined us as an editorial intern straight from Cardiff University and wrote for the site between August and October 2012.


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    It’s been 10 weeks, 70 days, and 1,680 hours since me and Things first laid eyes upon each other. Champagne picnics in the park, Marvin Gaye by the open fire… It has been a whirlwind. But as they say, all good things must come to an end and as I leave Things behind as she continues to wow you all each and every week on the day we must part, she’s looking better than ever before! Earwax, animal posters magazine galore and Frieze family guides looking fancy, sit back and prepare to be wowed…

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    “Things were better in the olden days” – yep it’s that phrase again but with the flurry of the techie world taking pretty much everything by storm the traditional craft of sign painting has most definitely fallen victim to the tired cliche. I mean when was the last time you saw somebody on their hands and knees lovingly painting a sign with a paint brush?

  3. Alex-list

    In this strange old world it is often the case that we owe a ridiculous amount to chance. After all, Cornflakes were discovered purely by accident (true story) and as my trusty staple to the daily trauma that is getting up, it doesn’t even bear to imagine a world without them.

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    Ed Phillips is a man of many talents for not only has he managed to produce some beautiful photographs at the ripe old age of just 19 but he also possesses the mightily rare ability to make hedges interesting. Yes you heard right – Ed’s photographs give those green prickly things a whole new lease of life thanks to his stunning eye for composition.

  5. David-list

    We are all a bit peculiar when it comes to our individual food habits (bite-size pieces may only enter my mouth and roast chicken must come with a helping of mint sauce, no matter how unconventional) so when David Stewart set about photographing young women and their relationships with both food and the environment that surrounds them for his series entitled Intension/Indecision the result really could have been anyone’s guess!

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    Adrià Cañameras is a Barcelonian (it’s a thing!) with a typically cool French heritage. Currently in his early twenties he spends his days taking tremendously stunning photographs in the Spanish sunshine, and probably sipping the odd sangria as he goes about it.

  7. Crop-p

    There are two things you should know about Patrick Leger. Number one –Patrick Leger is an incredible illustrator. Number two – Patrick Leger spends his days musing away in North Carolina. But whereas the latter does a good job of feeding my fantasies of eloping to sunnier skies fact number one (the illustration stuff) is more than worthy of five minutes of your precious appreciation.

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    Put The Times, The Olympics, Harper Collins and two of the industry’s finest graphic designers into a giant mixing bowl and it’s no surprise that the end result is pretty tasty. Commissioned by the newspaper to put together a publication documenting the very best of the newspaper’s coverage of this year’s Olympic Games, Steve Fenn and Tom Pollard’s take on the somewhat dreamy brief – The Games – is simply stunning.

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    Yeah yeah, the 1960s and 1970s were great: The Beatles making every teenage girl across the nation swoon and the hippy movement making sure that rainbow colours were firmly “in” but I tell you what else was pretty great; the front covers of the Swiss typography journal Typographische Monatsblätter which are archived in their hundreds across their ridiculously stunning and all pretty comprehensive website.

  10. Things-list

    It’s that time of the week again – Things has come out to play, turning heads everywhere she goes oooh isn’t she dazzling?! With a photography zine, some catalogues with some binding to die for, some lovely drawings, a GIANT poster and some seriously tasty postcards, belt up, it’s going to be a good’un…

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    When it comes to the mean old task of developing your own style and standing out from the crowd, fashion photographer Tim Walker is not one who struggles. In fact Tim Walker’s daring photography with its prop-heavy sets and monumental scale (think UFOs, giant snails and six foot bumble bees) is so special that he may as well own the definition of innovation.

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    Never before has a rabbit’s behind looked quite so good than in the photographs of Elisa Noguera Lopez. Photographing all manner of fluffy creatures (with a person or two thrown in to mix things up) and set against bold backdrops, Elisa’s photo series Perhaps Finally Alone is just the right amount of hilarious and genius to have us all hooked.

  13. Lotus

    Church and techno are like chalk and cheese – for while imagining a church congregation singing their praises to a techno backdrop is sure to provide a moment’s entertainment (go on, you know you want to…), it’s not the most obvious combination. But for daring Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde saw that as a challenge and so came into being his new installation.

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    Mmmmm felt tips: making the plain pages of sketch books colourful since pretty much forever, you can’t help but love a good felt tip! But imagine if you could transform that trusty old pen into something completely new?! Mind boggling stuff right, but that’s exactly what the talented trio of Amsterdam design students – Jaan Evart, Julian Hagen and Daniël Maarleveld – have done with their super-impressive PenJet printer. Taking an old inkjet printer apart and switching the usual ink cartridge for felt tip pens, not only is the concept incredible but it also creates seriously impressive and lovely looking pictures as a result. Cool!

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    New York has many exciting things in its favour: the Statue of Liberty, some of the most flamboyant street fashion about, galleries so great you’d happily run the streets naked in exchange for a visit and perhaps some of the weirdest and most wonderful photographs of masquerade and ritual costume you may ever see!

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    Yeah yeah, we all love the internet: the whole world at your fingertips and all that cliched (yet undeniably true) jibber jabber. But I tell you what I really really love; books. Books are great. They may not have the whole world accounted for, but designed well, books can conquer all.

  17. List2

    It takes an impressive person to put a positive spin on life’s gloomy patches; after all “the undeniable impact mankind has had on the planet” has never been the rosiest of conversation topics. But what an impressive man Keith Negley is; illustrating the gloomiest of things in the most beautiful ways. It has to be said that this New York creative is one fine illustrator!

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    Sat shivering down to my bones, hat and scarf no longer an optional accessory but a necessity, begrudgingly ‘embracing’ the doomed autumn cold that is an English October, it is hard (and frankly all rather enviable) to imagine that a couple of thousand miles away the world’s luckier half are prancing around in golden rays of sunshine.

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    When it comes to finishing off a yoghurt there are three types of people in this world – spoon-scrapers, pot-lickers or just the plain yoghurt-wasters. But whatever your yoghurt finishing approach, I doubt that when creating their wonderfully bizarre installation for this year’s Beijing’s Design festival the talented people at Aidia Studios could have cared less – as long as they got their 1,664 ceramic yoghurt pots to form the basis of their phenomenal light installation they were happy.

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    What do you get if you cross David Bailey, a selection of the art world’s finest young talent and eloquent men’s style know-it-all Mr Porter? By all means fantasise away at the many dreamy possibilities but one thing you can be sure of is that whatever the outcome, combining the three was always going to make for a pretty damn cool show.

  21. List-jugs

    Think what you could do in five seconds, not a lot huh? But that’s exactly what makes the mighty Animade’s brand new submission project – Full Secs – quite so magnificent.

  22. List-jody

    What strikes you when you first feast your eyes on photographer Jody Rogac’s portfolio of tremendous portraits is what a cool, exceptionally good-looking bunch it is that she photographs. Seriously, if looks could kill – with their sweeping locks and chiselled cheekbones- this bunch would be a truly terrifying lot.

  23. List-things

    The beginning of October has treated us at It’s Nice That oh so very kindly with a gigantic spurge in the Things’flying through our letter box, so choosing the very very best has become like something out the judging corner at Crufts. Examined in every minute detail, scrutinised for their glossy coats and checked for good behaviour, these are the lucky few that made it through and aren’t they a lovely lot…

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    With the world just about recovering from a summer spent being wonderfully bombarded with Olympic mania, to mention the games yet again has to take something pretty damn good. But rather fortunately, pretty damn good describes exactly Giles Price’s aerial photographs creatively documenting the construction of the Olympic site.

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    I like to talk about the weather, after all I am English right? Stereotype it might be, but when it comes to our weather chatter we do love to indulge ourselves. So when The Barbican announced Rain Room their latest daring installation to take over The Curve space, you could almost hear the meteorological connoisseurs getting excited.

  26. List-men

    Taking a look at Tom Phillips’ new Menswear book, there is no denying that when it comes to perfecting the dapper look it is our elders that are the true masters. Looking fantastic in tweed and getting away with sporting the very finest of handle-bar moustaches without being labelled as try-hard or trendy, when it comes to fashion it would be wise for us to take a leaf out of the books of those a few generations back.

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    When you hear the phrases “Julius Caesar” and “opera” chances are that your first thought isn’t groundbreaking contemporary art, but the Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre are famed for their daring originality and you just have to glance at the beautiful costume designs for their upcoming English National Opera production to see why.

  28. List-nike

    I’m not going to try and pretend that I know a thing about skating. I don’t. In fact the one time I foolishly attempted clambering upon a skateboard I ended up in A&E all a little worse for wear. But while me and skating are obviously not quite the match made in heaven that I might have once optimistically hoped, when it comes to brand collaboration, creative agency Brinkworth fortunately do skating and skate parks very, very well.

  29. List-cardiff

    Let’s make no bones about it, Britain is Europe’s binge-drinking capital and if photographer Maciej Dakowicz’s new book (and my experience of being a student in Cardiff for three years) is anything to go by, it is a reputation the partygoers flocking to the streets of the Welsh capital are proud to live up to.

  30. Ghost-list

    Imagine the scenario – you have a successful arts centre boastfully set in beautiful grounds but pottering about in the back yard there stands a somewhat redundant building. An old school-cum-prison house-cum funeral home – it has some serious history – but what on earth would you possibly do with it? Cover it in polystyrene, resin and bright white paint? No, probably not.

  31. Dean-list

    In my eyes, Jarvis Cocker is the coolest man on this planet. Now it could be his shaggy locks, his big glasses or even just his impeccable wit and irony, but in my mind there is no Englishman finer than Jarvis, especially with a name like that. So when iconic music photographer Dean Chalkley photographed him plus a host of music’s hippest names, the results could only be magnificent, and disappoint he did not.

  32. List-k

    Anyone cool enough to have a studio propped on the top of an old chocolate factory in the middle of Amsterdam, deserves a little pat on the back for originality but when you are the owner of that very studio AND you happen to be the brains behind some truly stunning illustration, you deserve a pat on the back, some mighty recognition and a little gold badge telling everyone quite how great you are.

  33. Home

    For most people furniture comes via a trip to Ikea or a flea market down the road but for Michael Beitz, furniture is a whole new ball game. Transforming everyday objects into sculptural masterpieces it seems that Michael Beitz doesn’t mess around when it comes to furnishings and with a portfolio as cool as his, who can blame him?

  34. Things-list

    We English are famed for our chat about the weather, so rather than break with tradition, people of It’s Nice That.. oh my hasn’t it got cold!? And with not a glimmer of sunshine to be seen in these grey skies why not indulge in the bright rays of this week’s Things, with t-shirts, catalogues, magazines and sketch books it’s a cheery mix whatever the weather.

  35. Andrelist

    Nature is incredible isn’t it? Beholding the ability to completely blow your mind and defy all realms of possibility in an instant – you can’t help but admire mother nature’s unpredictable but truly magnificent touch.

  36. Mmmain

    If you’ve ever wandered around a public space when it is completely deserted you’ll know that it is a special but pretty surreal experience. So when Massimo Listri went about photographing some of Europe’s biggest and most beautiful public spaces with not a single person to be seen, the results were unsurprisingly rather stunning.

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    While we like artists to have passion for their craft we also like to find out a little bit about them too, so when we heard about ridiculously talented illustrator JooHee Yoon and her passion for “cooking obscure root vegetables”, we instantly developed a bit of a soft spot for her (how could you not!).

  38. List-jang

    You know how it is, spend a few weeks putting your heart and soul into a project and then two weeks later it’s a thing of the past, stashed away under your bed never to see the light of day again. It is an all too familiar story for photographer Michael Jang, but 30 years after snapping the sparky faces of those auditioning to become weather reporters back in the 1980s, his portrait series Summer Weather finally emerged last May and let me tell you, it is well and truly worth the wait.

  39. List-jh

    “It’s what is on the inside that counts” – we are all familiar with that old phrase, but while I am all for kicking out superficiality, when it comes to books, looking nice on the outside as well as being pretty great on the inside surely can’t be a bad thing. Brilliant artwork, brilliant stories, it is a no-brainer really and something graphic designer Julian Montague has rather fortunately become pretty accustomed to.

  40. List-dan

    There are two things that you should know about Daniel Peter. Number one, he’s a pretty exceptional graphic designer and number two, he’s quite a dab hand when it comes to designing posters. Living and working in Switzerland, Daniel’s portfolio is bursting with creativity and flair and, with his use of wonderfully inventive typography and bold block colours, you can’t help but go all giddy at the fruits of his talents as a graphic designer.