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Hellovon & Timothy Saccenti

Tackling the traditional subject of the female nude in a very contemporary way is one of the most high-profile If You Could Collaborate pairings, made up of New York photographer and director Tim Saccenti and London’s own Hellovon. A simple process, Tim supplied Von with a photograph, and Von worked his magic on an abstract interpretation.

Below is a snippet of their interview from the If You Could Collaborate catalogue

Hello, can you tell us what you’ve produced for the show?

H. An A2 limited edition giclee print. TS. I’ve produced a photograph of a beautiful, nude female human.

What were the biggest challenges you faced?

H. Not ruining Tim’s work. TS. For me it was choosing the correct image that would work with Von’s style. I had shot hundreds of frames of the subject so the edit process was arduous.

What’s your favourite collaboration of all time?

H. Poached eggs, ham, mustard, toasted seeded loaf and a nice coffee. TS. My dear friends just collaborated on a beautiful child. That could possibly be my all time favourite collaboration.

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