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Max Lamb & Gemma Holt

British designer Max Lamb is an artist we’ve desperately wanted to work with on a personal for some time now, and we’re very pleased he stepped up to the If You Could collaborate challenge. Choosing to work with partner and fellow designer Gemma Holt. A pair with talent to spare and their site specific bench, using the herringbone pattern of the gallery floor, will be something well worth making the trip to see.

Below is a snippet of their interview from the If You Could Collaborate catalogue

Hello, can you tell us what you’ve produced for the show?

A bench that uses the gallery floor’s herringbone pattern as a footprint.

What were the biggest challenges you faced?

Having the time to discuss the project outside of our routine. When you live together you think you have all the time in the world to collaborate on something outside of daily life.

What’s your favourite collaboration of all time?

ML. Collaborating with my grandfather to convert the cattle shed on his farm into a cottage he now lives in.
GH. The Royal College of Art.

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