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Things, as per unusual, is our top picks of what comes through the studio door. In this weeks rather tardy review you can make eyes at a release from a local place of cool and their new record label, a study in all things ignored (such a thing exists, keep reading), two excellent poster sized pieces of print and a magazine that probably has your new favourite photographer in it.

Ride On Nick Jaguar

From the people that bring you cool at Dream Bags and Jaguar Shoes comes a new (boutique) record label, Big Dirty Machine. We got us their first pressing of Nick Jaguar, Ride On with a most excellent cover by illustrator Stevie Gee.

Promotional print Ben McQueen

This has that ‘all things considered’ type of design, a really nice and honest piece of self promotion that clearly comes from someone that knows the worth of a beautifully pieced together package. It’s also got a very wall worthy poster on the flip side, very hard to forget so no worries the Mr McQueen.

Studio Harry Watts

In a study of photographic studios, mindful of their original purpose as that of ‘illusion’ and ‘functional’ environment, Harry Watts has created a brilliant book that manages to propose (lovely introduction), present and produce a concept of real worth. From the ever goods at Black Box Press.

h3. Ort Elmar Bambach, Julia Marquardt and Birgit Vogel

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Ort, this thoughtfully pieced together photo essay shows the best in show from a range of thoroughly talented and much beloved artists, including Mårten Lange and Richard Mosse to gush but a few.

Wazvka Oscar de Castro

A great piece of poster art we thinks from Oscar de Castro, reflecting a celebratory tone for the10th year of Wazvka volunteer fesitval in Japan. Each faces represent a volunteer “a cloud that has come to the country to help the tea farmers”.