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What do you call a rainforest poster, a fakenger t-shirt, a risographed magazine of a Brighton theme, a book of poems and a journal that illustrates our need to smell of something else other than of being human? Things. Or a penguin rolling down a hill. No definitely Things, read on!

I am like October when I am dead. Steve Roggenbuck

With poems in their entirety like “god help me I’m throwing my neighbour off a building” and “oh, you have a smock on” and “to my nephew on his birthday – I will choke your dad – I don’t care – I’m not afraid”, there is absolutly no need for me to big this up any more. Read it, read it all.

Palpable No.1 Deodor Joao Carrilho

You cannot appreciate how incredible this smells. It looks amazing too, I’ll say that now with it’s three sections of multiple printing processes, great illustrations, all subtly unobtrusive, But. I’m talking lavender, actual lavender and roses and Jasmine. They have fullfilled their investigation in to the ‘materiality of the human body through printed matter’ and I’ll say it again, it smells ace.

Playground Magazine Produced by students from the University of Brighton

A really succinct and interesting magazine to come out of Brighton uni, the pages are filled with writers (Michael Crowe on Basket Ball, brilliant), artists, an excellent letter to McVities eloquently lamenting the demise of humour in the penguin wrapper riddles, music, fashion, more and more. The Youth Issue was printed by Manymono.

I am not a courier Mind Design

Non-plussed as to what a ‘fakenger’ was before we received this tee, I am now equipped to educate you all. Creatives that favor the fixed gear mode of la mode and who have suffered the embaressment of a package being thrust into their hands with a ‘get on your bike’ can be mistaken no more. Type thoughtfully set in Courier Sans.

Rainforest Poster Matt Johnstone

Super litho printed poster from Matt Johnstone. Many a creature doing what they do best in a rainforest with extremely surreal undertones and the best thing, apart from the crocodile with opposable thumbs and a rabbit-frog laying eggs, is you can buy it from his website!