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If you missed it, here’s what’s been happening in Things so far… Whilst attempting to improve my photo skills for Things the light exploded, smoked and excreted something that worryingly started a conversation about mercury. We ran out of soap. I couldn’t find any paracetamol. Finally, the Postman has openly questioned the “nature” of our “business” and in a not so un-existential outburst cried “but what is Things?”. To which I can safely say Blesstown bobble hats, Martin Jessop’s latest zine, E-spam illustrated by the Just Us Collective, Getxo’s latest exhibtion book and Twelve’s twelve days o’christmas.

Twelve days of Christmas cards Twelve

Super nice collection of cards re-depicting the twelve days of christmas, illustrated and printed by Twelve (a happy accident, I think). A great roster of illustrators (e.g. Alice Pattullo, Matt Pell, Hattie Stewart – lords a-leaping, maids a milking, doves a-doving respectively). “Twelve sets out to launch a brand created by graduates, run by graduates, for everyone”.

e-spam Just Us

E-spam is a plague but not for the immune. Just Us collective have sent a brief out to their members inviting them to illustrate their favourite bit of spam, the result is a nifty bit of promo of engaging illustrators with nice ideas.

GETXOPHOTO design by IS Creative Studio

A book to accompany the GETOXPHOTO 2010 exhibition full of brilliant photography from the likes of Martin “Esteemable” Parr, Phil “The Reluctant Father” Toledano and Martin “I was in that place at that time” Kollar. The quality of content really is something, every image being as engaging as the last – an actual page turner!

Blesstown bobble hat and teatowel Bless Design

And not a moment too soon. Bobble hats and festive shaped shooting target-towels! When you get that yule-tide urge to kill, kill, kill but the weather outside is frightful (etc), get this bad boy on and pop a couple caps in rudolf here. No! Bless you Bless design.

People Are Stupid Martin Jessop

I have been enjoying putting the “overheard nuggets of inane-ity in the North” into context by imaging the people who said it until I got to “I was watching the Worst Witch the other day. Leeds” and wondered if I’d ever admitted to it out loud before. Then I remembered I grew up in Somerset and that Martin Jessop is probably right.