Are you marooned in a snowy vista? Would you like help and/or hot food? The best I can do is inform you of some of the lucky few, winter hardy packages that made it to the studio by foot, hoof and veteran postman. Page Tsou, Sane and Able, Brighton Uni and St. Luke’s Primary, One Point Oh and Annalemma. Defrosting.

12 Beards of Christmas Sane and Able

For all those who misremember the 12 days of Christmas (la la la, five go-old riiings) here’s an alternative – a dozen beards. These packs of cards have that collect-them-all effect, lovely illustrations and ingenious taxonomy of thermal face attire.

Annalemma Chris Heavener, Editor

Annalemma issue 7: Endurance in which the publishing team ask the ether ‘what gives a person forward momentum when every sign around them says give up?’. Big question and one that is answered with relish by a winning team of writers and artists, new and established in a collection of stories, essays, art and photography. Joe Meno and Sam Brewster to highlight two highlights…

London / Shoreditch Page Tsou

Malcolm McDowell (28th January) Hunter S. Thompson (22nd April) and Friedrich Nietzsche (October 3rd). Birthdays? Deathdays? Nope, back of head days. As seen by Page Tsou in Shoreditch and falsely identified by myself. It’s an excellent calender for 2011, though the weekends are missing and Mondays get special mention with a nice red circle… The weekend is dead! Long live Monday!

When I Grow Up Brighton University and St Luke’s Primary School

Collaborating with those much younger and smaller with oneself can be difficult for a miriad of concentration, low obstruction hazard, tantrum related issues. But apparantly not for Brighton’s Art students and their local Primary School. They’ve made a book together full of dreams for the future and, to be honest, the ‘small ones’ excell at it. Lovely riso print and it’s for Children in Need. Double-good.
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A Small Christmas Protest One Point Oh

Big protests on small placards for the liliputan scrooge in you. Whatever their purpose, I concur! ‘Baubles NOT Bombs’. Alternative Christmas sentiments are most welcome and come courtesy of One Point Oh studio, packaged and printed with a little thought that doesn’t go unnoticed. Snow Cuts, Snow Fees!

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