Things that came to the studio this week cover a number of noteworthy topics: fifth generation radioactively altered fallout insects and a two colour roman travelogue. A book about the Museum of Everything (number two) and everything sounds like an innuendo if you say it in another language. Lastly, a man that only exists on paper, but what paper stock!

New Rome Clark Keatley

Nice shifted perspective illustrations in gloss yellow and matt blue by Clark. A technically incredible range of tones and complex layers, it’s a super feat in two colour screen printing. You get the impression that every page, end cover and binding has been thought about and printed with out of hand precision.

Underscore No.2 The Constant Issue Justin Long, Editor

First off I think Cornelia Hesse-Honegger’s illustrations that feature of this cover are phenomenal. Secondly, Underscore have done it again with a highly visual magazine, balanced with genuinely considered content. Particularly when cheese is afforded the same inches as an article about a berlin hotel. Also great use of photography as illustrations for chapter headings, just one of the nice design touches.

Rod Bianco An Art Service

“…a compilation of memorabilia surrounding Rod Bianco”, the intrigueing fictional protagonist of this artist book, Bianco being an avatar of sorts created by Norweigen artist Bjarne Melgaard. It’s bizarre (see artwork) but brilliant book from An Art Service who know just how to contextualise a contemporary image as simply as adopting a weight of paper or particular stock.

Museum of Everything #2 This Is Studio

If you love the Museum of Everything then you can thank This Is studio for making a succinct and respectful archive of #2’s brief but brilliant stop off in the Tate Modern last summer. Pages are full of images of the exhibited work and exhibitors themselves. It’s a book that likes to fall open and be looked at and seeing as this is the MOE, any page is a beautifully designed winner.

10 Girls Doing It 10 Collective

10 girls (with an excellent sense of humour) doing it. Celebrating a year since completing their Masters at the LCC, the collective are exhibiting their efforts in East London with an innuendo laden promo to go with… The accompanying film is very funny and if the design of the printed poster is anything to go by, it bodes well for the standard of work in the show.

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