BAFTA Ticket (detail)


BAFTA Ticket (detail)


BAFTA Ticket


BAFTA Best Film illustration, The King’s Speech


BAFTA Best Film illustration, The Social Network


BAFTA Best Film illustration, Black Swan


BAFTA Best Film illustration, Inception


BAFTA Best Film illustration, True Grit

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Adam Simpson: BAFTA

As we mentioned earlier in the week it’s the British Academy Film Awards tonight and aside from the great films they’ll be recognising there’s some pretty notable illustration to boot. Adam Simpson was asked to interpret this year’s five Best Film nominees that make up the covers for the Film Awards brochures. The films up for the award tonight are Black Swan, Inception, The King’s Speech, The Social Network and True Grit.

Adam also interpreted the BAFTA mask for the ticket covers, coming up with a beautifully intricate concept that recognises the range of filmmaking skills that are rewarded on the night. The series of illustrations follow Tavis Coburn’s set of five illustrations for the 2010 awards and Noma Bar in 2009.