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Film: Andrew Telling captures figures in flight for Chloe Early exhibition

This Thursday sees the launch of Suspended, a debut solo show by Chloe Early at The Outsiders London. The works on display are Chloe’s response to the “romantic splendour of Renaissance religious art” and an exploration of “the themes of weightlessness and gravity.” Her paintings feature realistically rendered human figures, lifted above the ground by unseen forces or large clusters of helium balloons. Chloe contends that we no longer have objects of worship within fine art, and so her images serve as celestial totems of real-world figures elevated above the mundane.

To celebrate this new show Chloe has collaborated with filmmaker Andrew Telling to produce a short piece of cinema that draws on the themes of her work and transforms them into ethereal moving images. Mingling paint-washes and transient bodies merge with shots of the artist at work in her studio, all tied together with Andrew’s signature stylistic traits and a stunning soundtrack from Lucinda Chua. Not a bad way to ease yourself into the afternoon.

Suspended runs from 4 April until 3 May 2014.


Andrew Telling: Suspended (still)


Andrew Telling: Suspended (still)


Andrew Telling: Suspended (still)


Andrew Telling: Suspended (still)


Andrew Telling: Suspended (still)


Andrew Telling: Suspended (still)


Chloe Early: Suspended 3


Chloe Early: Beyond The Big Horizon


Chloe Early: Something Shiny Slips Away