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Brie Moreno’s back with more felt tip-filled, curvy illustrations

Whether illustrator Brie Moreno’s illustrations are carefully filled with thick felt tip colours or just left black and white, we’re always fond of her curvy drawings. Now living in London after moving from her home of Ottawa in Canada, Brie’s work experiments with illustrating her daily life in a comic context.

Since we last spoke to Brie she has received a bunch of commissions from posters to editorial pieces in Novembre Magazine, Tokyo Smoke and Bomb Magazine, as well as teaming up with fellow fab illustrators Joe Kessler and Amanda Baeza to draw Wahaca’s menu for its Shoreditch branch. Amongst these new pieces of work Brie also notes that her style has developed as a result of “really turning away from finalising all my drawings on the computer,” she tells It’s Nice That. “I love using the computer for creating guides and altering the size of my compositions, but when it comes to the finished product I’m obsessed with the naive quality of smeared up felt tips, crumpled newsprint and happy accidents.”

In turn, there is a lush tangible quality to each of Brie’s singular drawings. Even when displayed on a digital screen they evoke that crinkly paper texture that develops from layering and layering felt tip pens to make the page a little fluffy. The appearance of this texture has also evolved from Brie experimenting with using A3 newsprint as a base, “I really look forward to seeing the originals fade and deteriorate with time,” she explains.

Looking towards the new year Brie has a whole host of exciting events to come. The first is a solo show in Montreal in May at The Letter Bet where the illustrator hopes “to present as many original drawings as possible alongside some found objects,” she says. “The content of each drawing explores my daily life and the versions of myself that I dream of becoming.” In conjunction with this exhibition Brie has an upcoming zine to be released with renowned publishers Nieves and “in between drawing” is currently writing another comic for Breakdown Press featuring a collection of short comics and drawings to “hopefully be out by August for Safari Festival”.


Brie Moreno: Bathtime


Brie Moreno: Bomb


Brie Moreno: Bomb


Brie Moreno: Bomb


Brie Moreno: Bomb


Brie Moreno: Chair


Brie Moreno: Cowgirl Clue


Brie Moreno: Fish


Brie Moreno: Harly Art


Brie Moreno: Sarah


Brie Moreno: Shopping Bag


Brie Moreno: Whip


Brie Moreno: Boy and Cow