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Cindy Kutikova creates a visual identity exploring fashion and artificial intelligence

The speedy development and use of artificial intelligence is in equal parts exciting and slightly terrifying. While the Twitter-sphere panics about a robot dog being able to open a door this week, we became fascinated with the idea of how graphic design can visualise artificial intelligence stylistically, particularly through the work of Prague-based designer Cindy Kutikova.

Cindy’s work regularly encompasses research and technology, combining her brilliant eye for layouts and a knack for typography. Her portfolio also regularly picks upon other areas of the creative industry, creating a graphic look that showcases the practice at hand. This approach is the case for her latest work, a visual identity for an exhibition by Umprum’s fashion design studio run by Pavel Ivančic (at the Academy of Arts in Prague), on the theme of AI. “Fashion design has always been a very interesting field to me, and I enjoyed my cooperation with the designers immensely,” Cindy tells It’s Nice That.

Umprum’s exhibition covers a range of thoughts around the topic of AI “from the perspective of millennials, a native digital generation that is naturally driven by responsibility and sustainability,” looking at multiple interests including “digital therapy, healthcare, gaming, wellbeing, social mapping, augmented reality and mixed reality”. In considering these different parts of AI, the exhibition serves as an opportunity for the students to display their “unique creative vision supported with relevant visual project descriptions including original methods, techniques and applications,” Cindy explains.

As a result, the designer’s visual identity for the exhibition incorporates particular students work displaying photographic visions or illustrated digital renders made by Jan Kolsky and Vojtěch Rada, of artificial intelligence. In terms of Cindy’s design choices, a futuristic graphic approach is applied in a colour palette of green, black and grey and blocked, impactful sans serif fonts in a contrasting white. By showcasing the student’s work featured on the posters advertising the exhibition, Cindy not only entices possible visitors but recognises “AI as a tool that can augment human perception and creativity and help us to become more human”.

Fashion is increasingly becoming a part of Cindy’s portfolio too, branching into editorial design for fashion designer Adam Kost and working with the Umprum students again on the visual identity for a curators choice of the best work. This year the exhibition will be hosted at the Applied Arts Museum in Prague and Cindy is excitingly working with another brilliant designer, Jiri Mocek, on the project too.


Cindy Kutikova: Artificial Intelligence


Cindy Kutikova: Artificial Intelligence


Cindy Kutikova: Artificial Intelligence


Cindy Kutikova: Artificial Intelligence


Cindy Kutikova: Artificial Intelligence


Jak kolsky


Petr Fabo


Cindy Kutikova


Cindy Kutikova: Adam Kost