Gatto Bravo: Sushi Tetsu, London

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Tasty Travels: The mouthwatering culinary illustrations of Gatto Bravo

I can never decide whether I find people’s photographs of food on social media sites incredibly interesting or completely infuriating. On the one hand I like a nice meal, and it’s always a pleasure to see a well-photographed plate of grub, but then there seems to be something inherently smug about people showing off their culinary skills (or their financial means if they’re in a restaurant) to the poor, unassuming people of the internet.

What I am certain of is that taking this idea one step further and actually illustrating the contents of your plate, as well as your surroundings, is a far more noble pastime and should be adopted by everyone. Gatto Bravo (or Good Cat) is a blog that does just this, focussing on “the more important things in life; good food and wine” and rendering these subjects in swift, decisive pen and watercolour illustrations that give an instant elegance to the meals they depict.

The pages of Gatto Bravo catalogue an enviable array of culinary delights sampled from our own London streets to the ancient alleyways of Puglia, feasting on Uraguayan chickens and Californian quiche. Yes, maybe it’s still showing off but when it looks as good as this, I just don’t seem to care.


Gatto Bravo: Sushi Tetsu Bar, London


Gatto Bravo: Di Matteo, Naples


Gatto Bravo: Di Matteo, Naples


Gatto Bravo: Di Matteo, Naples


Gatto Bravo: Morito, Exmouth Market


Gatto Bravo: Antipasti, Rua de il Travajo


Gatto Bravo: Marismo at night