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Great animated promo for YGDMFA, aka Yale Graphic Design MFA exhibition

Are you near New Haven? Then go to Yale – the graphic design MFA candidates are still exhibiting, including recently featured Ryan Weafer and it looks sweet. Especially because they’ve tempted us with this anomalously aesthetic short promo featuring white(noise)outed spaces on walls and plinths where artwork should be – all in a fly-through animation that looks like a architects mock-up but smells like space.

Their press release for this thesis exhibition promises that they are “exhausting all available networks and reconfiguring existing materials with a new agenda.” Not only that but we can call this “hacking” or “truth to materials,” “media agnosticism” or “resourcefulness as we call for attention in crowded visual, audible and fourth-dimensional fields with fewer financial resources and an exponentially growing number of platforms for distribution.”

Seriously, very soon the names on the bill for this thesis exhibition will be tripping off our tongues as a standard for new design so let’s all familiarise ourselves with what they want to show us right this moment. To New Haven!