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New Adult Swim project from the bonkers people behind some sexy Craigslist animations

Earlier this year we found ourselves mesmerised by a series of floating dismembered boobs, gently bobbing about to the sound of rather NSFW Craigslist ads read aloud. This project – Love Letters from Craig – perhaps makes it crystal clear why its creators at Cartelle Interactive were approached by Adult Swim to create content for its new online platform Etctera. The agency’s cheeky, surreal concepts seem the perfect match for the channel; and the piece they worked on, Giraffaconda, took the form of a game based around a “floppy neck giraffe.”

“The game itself is inspired by the SHMUP subgenre, aka bullet hell games,” says Cartelle co-founder Johnny Slack. “Your character is a militant giraffe-snake battling rocket sloths, zombie spiders, robot toucans, space cats etc. As you progress, the bullet patterns become more hypnotic/complex and the characters and levels more bizarre. It’s all done in WebGL and plays without any plugins/app store etc – it’s all free in-browser gaming.”

We’re not entirely sure what a lot of this means, but even as a person whose knowledge of gaming extends solely to Just Dance on the Wii (exceptional at the Boney M Rasputin round, since you asked) this is certainly a hell of a lot of fun. Perfect for those last few hours of a Friday at work where you’re really just sitting at your desk trying to look busy.


Cartelle: Giraffaconda


Cartelle: Giraffaconda


Cartelle: Giraffaconda


Cartelle: Giraffaconda