Linda Linko: Kaiku

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Illustration: Linda Linko’s bold new work is revving us up ready for September

September is that magical time of year when creatives are squeezing all the new work they can gather into their portfolios, magazines and websites are undergoing huge redesigns, publications are offering the heaviest tomes of the whole year and quite frankly, we find ourselves twitching nervously with all the excitement.

Agent Pekka are just one of the many who have a whole new look ready for the back to school rush. Not only is their website looking super snazzy, with an easy to navigate layout, a very cool scroll and images that sit comfortably on top of one another like creative Tetris, but the illustrators they are flaunting are among our absolute favourites. From Tim Lahan, Rami Niemi and Owen Gildersleeve, they all seem to have added intriguing new work to the site just in time for its makeover.

Among them is Linda Linko. The Finnish illustrator has a whole heap of new stuff on show. Her new work still has as improvisatory feel to it, turning naturally imperfect shapes into really striking imagery, but it has matured somewhat to include more painterly detail along with the monochrome nonchalance we first came across with her posters. I’m particularly taken with her work for Kaiku, which has a combines abstract typography with a collage.


Linda Linko: Kaiku


Linda Linko: Flow Festival


Linda Linko: Flame


Linda Linko: Kaiku


Linda Linko: Kaiku


Linda Linko: Marimekko Ass


Linda Linko: My o My