Eric Yahnker: Light Reading, 2008 (crop)

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Here 2014: Artist Eric Yahnker

Eric Yahnker is one of our absolute favourite artists working today. His humorous, meticulously rendered graphic puns wittily examine contemporary pop culture and politics, and his work is stunningly executed as well as being astute and thought-provoking. We’ve written about his exhilarating art before, and recently we reviewed his very excellent first London exhibition, Sticks & Drones at Paradise Row.

Here is a handful of Eric’s charcoal renderings of readers, a trope that he’s returned to a few times over the years, and which are superb examples of Eric’s appealingly irreverent work. We particularly like the one of Dorothy reading Sartre, and it’s easy to see why we keep returning to Eric over and over again.

All of today’s posts are focusing on the speakers at Here 2014, picking out a particular project to enjoy once again. You can follow the action live over on our @HereLondon Twitter feed.


Eric Yahnker: Selected Reading (Nausea), 2009


Eric Yahnker: Selected Reading (The Agony and the Ecstasy), 2011


Eric Yahnker: Selected Reading (Core of Conviction), 2012


Eric Yahnker: Selected Reading (The Jews), 2008