Unrealistic Mountaineers, 2012


Bored Astronauts on the Moon, 2011


English Disaster, 2012


Fan/Paper/Fan, 2007


Board, 1993

Work / Film

What’s On: John Wood and Paul Harrison

Since 1993, when John Wood and Paul Harrison first filmed themselves clambering over an MDF board, the Bristol-based double act have burnt down a pier, climbed Everest and been to the moon. Not actually, of course, but within their studio, where the artists translate real life experience into witty video works featuring everyday objects and increasingly elaborate sets. On show now at the newly opened Carroll Fletcher gallery, Wood and Harrison’s work is a near-perfect rendering of human trial and tribulation, both funny and sad.

An in-depth interview with the artists – in which we discuss comedy, boredom and angry audience members – is featured in the upcoming issue of It’s Nice That, which can be pre-ordered here.