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Publication: Little White Lies marks fifty issues with one hell of a magazine

If Little White Lies were a clichéd male it’d be trading in its five-door hatchback for a Harley, trying on a lot of leather jackets and giving more than a passing thought to a fling with a co-worker/secretary. But rather than doing anything tragic to celebrate its 50th, our favourite movie mag has released a bumper issue that takes us through the very finest films of the last half-century and are running a weekend takeover at the ICA in December – a much better way to celebrate mid-life than an office affair!

The magazine itself is a generous helping of illustrated excellence from the likes of Paul X Johnson, Sam Brewster, Charlotte Mei, Grace Helmer and Tim McDonagh accompanying articles on Moonrise Kingdom, Crank: High Voltage and Pan’s Labyrinth (to give you a sample of the past decade) and a huge list of films that I’ve mostly never heard of, but will be making a concerted effort to see ASAP (apart from Crank. Seen it, loved it).

The icing on the LWL birthday cake is a two-day festival of masterfully curated screenings that range from classics like The Life Aquatic and Gummo to a newly restored print of Barbara Loden’s Wanda. So er, chop chop, grab some tickets and help Little White Lies celebrate middle age in style.


Little White Lies Fifty: Moonrise Kingdom illustration by Muti


Little White Lies Fifty:


Little White Lies Fifty: Pan’s Labyrinth illustration by Tim McDonagh


Little White Lies Fifty:


Little White Lies Fifty: Body Heat illustration by Samuel Rodgers


Little White Lies Fifty: