Transforming the mundane into the extraordinary with artist Mark Hernandez

The Philippines-based artist draws on “life experiences, vivid imagination and cherished memories” in his paintings.

22 May 2023

Mark Hernandez, a talented self-taught contemporary visual artist hailing from Laguna, Philippines, is an artist within the Filipino art scene that has caught our attention thanks to his captivating exploration of acrylic paint. With a focus on the wet-on-dry technique, Hernandez fearlessly embraces vibrant colours, drawing inspiration from his intuitive thoughts and engaging in experimental practices to create stunning works of art.

At the core of Hernandez's artistic vision lies a deep appreciation for the mundane aspects of everyday life and human experiences. “I aim to transform these ordinary scenes into vibrant and vivid perspectives,” Mark explains. “I’m highlighting the uniqueness and thought-provoking nature inherent in the ordinary.” Human beings serve as a constant source of inspiration, and Hernandez is particularly drawn to candid human lifestyle, enabling him to forge profound connections with his own sense of belonging and reflect his personal experiences through his art. “This process not only enhances my wellbeing,” Mark adds, “but also serves as a fundamental purpose of art to authentically express emotions and connect on a personal level.”

Mark’s subjective approach permeates his work, endowing it with authenticity and depth that serves as a testament to the extraordinary potential concealed within the ordinary.

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Copyright © Mark Hernandez, 2023

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