Illustrator Raj Dhunna talks us through his comic book on British footballer Hamza Choudhury

Our second speaker at July's Nicer Tuesdays talked about his recent project for EA FIFA and the development of his illustration practice.

16 August 2022


Illustrator Raj Dhunna was born in Slough, a small town just west of London. Growing up surrounded by a vibrant and diverse community, he was exposed to many different cultures and people. One culture that spoke to him more than any other, however, was the culture of football – as a young boy he quickly grew to love the sport and now describes himself as “football mad”. It’s fitting then that just recently EA FIFA commissioned him to illustrate a comic book on the story of British footballer Hamza Choudhury, the first British-Asian player to enter the Premier League.

“It was to tell a story that’s never been told,” said Raj. “I felt that I had a responsibility to tell that story with compassion and empathy.” He then took viewers through the making of the comic book, from early reference points, sketches and ideas to the final finished product. He paused to highlight some particular points in the work that he felt were crucial to the story, such as a section within the book that shows Choudhury dealing with racist remarks. This sensitive topic required Raj to adapt his approach, which had so far been bold and colourful, before becoming subdued and monochromatic to visually reflect the feelings of shock and despondency that come from being subject to racism. He finished by saying how proud he was to be a part of this project, and how much it meant to him as someone who has shared in the British-Asian experience.

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