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Meet photoBot, the first automated anthropomorphic camera EVER

There’s literally nothing worse than having to take photos at a party – except maybe the people who enjoy taking them, push their cameras in your face and momentarily blind you. Nobody wants to be THAT person, herding their guests into forced lineups, making them smile unconvincingly for a group portrait. And yet you definitely want to be able to document your night, if for no other reason than to piece together some of the details the next morning.

Tommy Dykes feels the pain of the point-and-shoot party photographer acutely, and has consequently designed an automated camera that detects people’s locations using an ultrasonic ranger. photoBot can be placed in a location of your choice and happily capture snaps all evening, scanning the room for opportune moments. It’s even got a tiny screen at the front so you can instantly review the images as they’re taken.

photoBot is currently in the prototype stages but somebody really needs to get mass-producing it. As soon as they do we’ll sign up for one each. The office Instagram potential it just too good to miss!


Tommy Dykes: photoBot


Tommy Dykes: photoBot


Tommy Dykes: photoBot