Polaroid releases smallest analogue instant camera, Polaroid Go

At just over 10cm long with tiny, square film to match, the new camera is designed to make the perks of a Polaroid more portable.

20 April 2021

Polaroid has released a new camera, the Polaroid Go – the smallest analogue instant camera in the world. Designed to be wearable and light, the Polaroid Go is a miniature version of the classic instant camera with smaller, square film to match, measuring 10.5cm long, 8.4cm wide and 6.1cm tall. It is the result of five years development by the brand, looking to make a product that was relevant to today’s phone-obsessed consumers. Making a more portable version of the camera, however, “was a huge challenge,” Polaroid chief design officer Ignacio Germade tells It’s Nice That, describing the internal workings as a “three-dimensional Tetris” allowing the exterior to remain simple and sleek. “It has taken us this time to evolve the design and the technology to be able to produce something this small that is still a true Polaroid product.”

The Polaroid Go is intended to make the creative benefits of an instant camera more portable, Germade continues. “Analogue photography provides a very different capture experience than digital cameras. They force you to be much more selective, to be more ‘intentional’ and this anchors you more on the moment. You go from merely ‘documenting’ life to ‘translating’ life into poetry. The point of the Polaroid Go is to enable people to have this experience more often as they can carry the camera with them all the time.”

“I don't think there is any other product out there that would give you the true Polaroid analogue experience at this size,” he adds. “This is not a small digital printer but real photographic chemistry that develops in front of your eyes. This is, after all these years, something that I still love to watch.”

The camera includes a selfie mirror, self timer, longer-lasting batter, dynamic flash, double exposure and accessories to make it “travel friendly” including a case and neck strap. It’s being launched with a campaign featuring a range of creatives showcasing what you can do with the new kit, including creative director Quinn Whitney Wilson, musician Arlo Parks, a producer duo Jungle. The latter launches the campaign with two films featuring their music. More creatives will be launched soon.

Polaroid Go is available for pre-sale today and for purchase from 27 April. A Polaroid Go camera is £109.99, and a film double pack is £18.99.

GalleryPolaroid Go (Copyright © Polaroid, 2021)

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Polaroid Go (Copyright © Polaroid, 2021)

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