Work / Review of the Year 2013

Review of the Year: Woohoo! We’re halfway there – it’s 50 – 41

Everyone loves the middle. Middle of a meal (main course), middle of a film (happy montage) and middle of a relationship (you’re not annoying each other yet). Welcome to the middle of our countdown of the best articles of 2013 and, like every other middle, it’s full of blissful joy and happiness. Read on, dear reader, read on….

50 – J.Viewz: Massive Attack’s Teardrop played through vegetables (March 19)

Yeah you couldn’t get much more “our kind of thing” than this. Nostalgic club classic played through instruments made of vegetables, sure thing. A man called J.Viewz did this in 2013, and blew our little minds. Is that a carrot stuck to a record player? It is.

49 – Jonas Unger (February 21)


Jonas Unger: Gérard Depardieu

If riding through the French countryside clutching on to the sticky back of a vest-wearing Gérard Depardieu is your idea of fun, then this series of photographs is for you. We would very, very highly recommend this to anyone, ever.

48 – Anagrama: Nordic House (November 20)


Anagrama: Nordic House

This exceptional Mexican agency took a dry cleaning company and branded it to look more appealing than, well, anything ever. Do they get some sort of prize for this?

47 – Ursus Wehrli: The Art Of the Clean Up: Life Made Neat and Tidy (March 4)


Ursus Wehrli: The Art Of the Clean Up: Life Made Neat and Tidy

Think you get a bit anal when it comes to tidying your desk? This guy is like you, times a million. He’s reorganised everything from crowded beaches to boxes of chips. Amazing.

46 – How Animals Eat Their Food (April 11)

This video is made by someone called Mr. Epic Mann. In the film we see two men sitting down to eat together and imitating the ways in which animals dine. Could not be simpler, could not be better.

45 – Kang, Kang-Hoon Paintings (July 26)


Kang, Kang-hoon: Modern lady, unsuccessful scissors

Hmmm something’s a bit awry here, this man seems to have painted photographs. OH WAIT. No he’s just really, really good at painting. We have a weird relationship with hyperreal stuff but I’m sorry guys LOOK AT IT.

44 – David Bedoni: Swoosh Art (November 18)


David Bedoni: Swoosh Art

Bit of a controversial one this, but we like it. This guy spends his spare time putting the Nike swoosh into Old Masters’ paintings. No one’s quite sure why, but they look epic and he’s got a very large collection of them. Woo!

43 – Sagrada Familia (October 7)

They started building this cathedral in 1882 and it still isn’t anywhere near completion. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Luckily this animation speeds up the process so far so you can see it all in one go. Suckers!

42 – Cat People Magazine (October 31)


Cat People Magazine

Ah yes, a really well-designed magazine about cats, just what the art and design community has been waiting for! This fun, dreamy publication is a work of art and should be purchased immediately so they can do an issue 2. Go! Meow.

41 – Juergen Teller: Woo! (January 23)


Juergen Teller: Vivienne Westwood No.1

This show was GREAT! Who gets the most credit, Juergen himself or Vivienne Westwood whose nudity totally stole the show? Let’s call it a tie. Juergen is a genius, and to see all his best work in one place this year was a true joy.