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Review of the Year: Liv Siddall chooses her favourite posts of 2013

As part of our look back on 2013, each of the four editorial staff were asked to pick five posts which didn’t make out Top 100 cut but which they felt passionately should be given a second life in the end-of-year celebrations. After some discussion it was decided that each of the four of us would only choose posts they had written themselves and with that in mind we got down to the serious business of selection. Editor Liv Siddall wrote nearly 600 articles this year and her intro reflects how difficult she found the process. In fact she submitted just three words: “THIS WAS HARD.” (RA)

Miriam Abrahams: Chop Chop (October 1)

Hey you! Yeah you, you and your high-budget feature film with extra CGI and million-dollar actresses. This girl sat on a chair in front of a camera, gave her little sisters a pair of scissors and pressed record. Beat that.

Nous Vous for The Walker Art Centre (November 29)


Nous Vous: Walker Art Centre

In November 2013, the stars aligned, the sword was finally removed from the stone, and those charming, beardy Nous Vous men finally answered my prayers and joined forces. The brief was set by the Walker Art Centre and ended up being an enormous collaborative picture containing history’s most famous artists drawn by all three boys at once. Best. Picture. Ever.

HelloFlo: The Camp Gyno (July 31)

I thought this wouldn’t be as funny five months on, but yeah it definitely is. HelloFlo offer a tampon delivery service synced to your menstrual cycle and you’d imagine they’d do an advert with women rock climbing and going to discotheques like normal menstruation ads do, but they totally blew everyone out of the water with this. Two minutes of being at summer camp, on your period, being bossed around by the funniest little girl or “camp gyno” makes for hilarious viewing. I feel that she may or may not be my spirit animal.

Jerry de Wilde (September 17)


Jerry De Wilde

Every day I look out the window and wish I lived about 50 years in the past. That’s why when photographer Jerry de Wilde agreed to do an interview, I felt like I was at Woodstock on as many drugs as I could munch. Jerry spent his youthful summers documenting his artistic friends in the height of the bohemian, hippy scene. Best photos ever.

Christoph Neimann: A Tribute to Maurice Sendak (January 7)

Apparently when they’re shooting big movies and the actors won’t cry, they show them this to get the waterworks going. Okay I made that up, but I swear everyone who has seen this has wept like a newborn. The New York Times asked Christoph Niemann to illustrate an NPR interview with the legendary Maurice Sendak who basically just has a rant about how beautiful life is and why you shouldn’t waste it. I’m crying as I write this. Merry Christmas.