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Review of the Year: The top 10 most popular articles of 2013!!

Here we are, the bloody top ten. Before you ask, yes, the Sushi Cats made it. Phew! It’s an unexpected top ten, but nevertheless an incredibly powerful one. These are the guys that you clicked on so much that they beat every single other post on It’s Nice That into the most read work of the year. Popular/best, tomato/tomato. You get the picture.

10 – Andrew Ho (September 10)


Andrew Chuani Ho: Come One Day

Ever been in a meeting with a frog and a dog? Me neither. But Andrew Ho has, and he’s drawn it too. His animal-centric paintings are explosions of colour with strange, sometimes sexual narratives. In other words they’re perfect.

9 – Philippa Rice: Soppy (August 20)


Philippa Rice: Soppy

All together now “Ahhhhh!” Yep, okay it’s one of the most sentimental projects of the entire year but the public went absolutely nuts for it. Philippa Rice illustrates her and her boyfriend’s relationship and it’s really, really cute. Ugh.

8 – Siggi Eggertsson: Skvis (October 23)


Siggi Eggertsson: Skvis

This is incredible enough before you even notice that the entire mass of colour is made up of PEOPLE’S FACES! And it covers every single square inch of an entire gallery. No big deal. Oh Siggi, you Icelandic emperor, how are you so good?

7 – Detektiv Bureau (November 14)


Detektiv Bureau

These guys made something you probably toyed with making in your GCSE art exam but never did. The difference is that these guys actually went through with it, and they did it really really well. Do these paint-covered rooms remind anyone else of The Tribe?

6 – Kyle Platts: Festival Frenzy (June 26)


Kyle Platts: Festival Frenzy

“Remember that really fun time we were eating noodles with our bare, shit-covered hands at Techno Tribe Fest in summer?” If that rings a bell, this concertina publication mocking British festivals by Kyle Platts is for you.

5 – Polly Brown: Plants (September) 6


Polly Brown: Plants

What do you do when you get the green light to go and visit some of the world’s most famous headquarters for some of the biggest companies on the planet? Polly Brown decided to take photos of the plants that lived in these offices, with astonishingly beautiful results.

4 – Devilfish: Come Home to The Simpsons (April19 )

One of the best things we’ve ever seen and now a staple of any talks we do when we try to explain what kind of stuff really sums up the vibe of It’s Nice That. This real-life recreation of perhaps most famous opening credits in TV history created for Sky One is ludicrously accurate and a joy to any Simpsons fan (everyone).

3 – Sushi Cats (July 29)


Sushi Cats

Whether you love or hate this blatant internet fodder, you can’t deny that if these were real you’d lose your fucking shit. Why are they content? This is a real project by Neko-Sushi backed up with a real statement and an amazing video and app. Guys, it’s about cats and sushi.

2 – Mike Brodie (March 12)


Mike Brodie: Untitled

Mike Brodie used to photograph the kids who jump freight trains in the US and live on the road. He gave up photography and is now a mechanic. I think it’s safe to say this is possibly one of the most unique, genuine photo series we’ve ever had on the site.

1 – Sam Vanallemeersch (January 14)


Sam Vanallemeersch: Sovchoz

Here he is! The big dog with the big name, here to blow your MIND with his tangled, intuitive illustration. There’s a reason why this was the most popular post of this year, and that is that Sam Vanallemeersch is bloody brilliant and no one can deny it.